Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Who Wants To Be A Podcaster? We Do!

Dave and I love listening to Disney podcasts. We listen to a number of different ones and have always wanted to be involved in one of our own. However, due to time constraints (and some technical ineptitude) we have yet to create something specifically for Armchair Imagineers. Imagine our surprise and delight when one of our favorite podcasts announced a search for two new contributors!! The WDW News Today Podcast invited their listeners to join the newest game show to hit your earbuds. Ten finalists were chosen to participate in the game show that will last from October 11th to December 13th. Dave and I were so excited to both be chosen as candidates!! The first podcast aired last week and introduced you to each of the finalists (listen HERE). This week, Round 1 has begun! The podcast includes two segments that we were able to participate in. Dave and four others joined Tom Corless for ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ of the Dinosaur attraction while the rest of us talked about the News and Rumor report for WDW. We had a great time taping the podcast and can only continue with your help! The voting is now OPEN for Round 1, and will close on October 28th. The podcast can be found at www.wdwnewstoday.com, or on iTunes for download. Dave and I would greatly appreciate all of your support because, let’s face it… we don’t want to be the first ones voted off. Each week after the podcast airs the voting will open and remain so until the end of the week. Then the votes will be tallied and the two finalists with the least number of votes will be eliminated. In the end, only two will remain and go on to be the newest co-stars of the WDW News Today Podcast! Each and every vote is important, so follow the link below and cast yours now! You can vote once per browser, so I used Firefox to vote for myself and IE to vote for Dave. We welcome any comments you may have on our performances… we want to be our best! Thanks so much everybody!


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