Thursday, June 3, 2010

Podcast Reviews!

Hello! I will be critiquing this week’s podcasts tonight as AI Dave is busy playing FIFA. As I’m sure you can tell, Dave and I have very different styles of writing and opinions. He is very succinct and doesn’t like to embellish a story at all. I, on the other hand, love to embellish and fluff up my writing. He says I provide TMI and to that I say…there is no such thing. :-)  Of course, in the interest of getting to bed before 2am tonight I will trim this down a bit. So, on to the reviews…

I listen to three podcasts each week. The DIS Unplugged, The WDW Radio Show and WDW News Today. I’ve listened to one or two others but end up turning them off within the first five minutes for various reasons.

1. The DIS Unplugged’s ‘Not Disney’ Show about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Hi Pete! I love your show. Each and every week I wait anxiously for my DIS podcasts and this one was no exception. Even though I have never seen any of the Harry Potter movies, read any of the books or even visited Universal since the late 1980’s, this show was very interesting to me. I feel the podcast team did an excellent job dishing the details about the WWoHP. From the beginning to the very end I felt as if I was there with them. I tasted Butter Beer, had breakfast at the Three Broomsticks and felt sorry for the poor guy pulled out of line to be squished into the Forbidden Journey test vehicle. The best part, as always, was Pete’s rant about the ‘knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing morons’ that manage Universal. Yes! I had to listen to that more than once. Of course, I never would have paid $1800 for 3 days at Universal, I don’t care what they’re selling. All in all, I really liked this non Disney episode of the DIS Unplugged, and although there will be no discussion show this week (get well soon!), I really look forward to what you have in store for us next time. Grade: A

2. The WDW Radio Show Episode # 172: This week, Lou Mongello and guests brought us the details of what will be included during Summer Nightastic as well as an exclusive interview with Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ashoka Tano in the Clone Wars animated TV Series. I have to applaud Lou for his in depth discussion of the Main Street Electrical Parade. I haven’t seen it in years and listening to the podcast really brought it back to life for me. The additional behind the scenes video was awesome. I especially loved the opening when Lou was revealed from inside one of the floats as the driver. Yes! As for the interview with Ashley Eckstein…eh…although I consider myself to be a Star Wars fan, I have not seen the Clone Wars TV show so I found this to be a little boring. I think if you are an extremely dedicated fan who would line up outside of DHS early in the morning for Star Wars weekends you’d probably love it. I, on the other hand, would be out of my mind to go there in the blazing heat with wall to wall people just for Star Wars. Yes, I love it…but not that much. Grade: B-

3. WDW News Today Podcast #146: Tom Corless begins with the News and Rumor Report and moves on to what could have been an awesome show about VMK – Disney’s Virtual Magic Kingdom. I loved VMK. I played it daily when it was up and running (only during my breaks at work, of course), and really miss it. As mentioned in the podcast it WAS like living in the theme park and I wish it hadn’t been shut down. I feel that the discussion could have been more informative than what it was.  I kept waiting for Tom and his guests to discuss some of the incredibly awesome features of the game like the Ride-A-Thons and Room Competitions. There were SO many awesome things going on, most of which were glazed over in this podcast. As Tom himself said the hour long show was mostly focused on ways to cheat. I also don’t think VMK was a waste of time at all. It brought me back to the parks even for just a few minutes each day. Now Farmville on the other hand… Grade: C

Well, that’s going to do it for this week’s podcast reviews. Stay tuned for more unqualified opinions from AI Dave and I here at Armchair Imagineers.

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